1. Get latest wallet from https://service.sinovate.io/1click/latest/
  2. Start wallet and logint to 1click by entering email and pass, InfinityNodes > 1Click wallet tab.
  3. Get back to InfinityNodes tab to look at all Nodes table, please pay attention you'll need to wait about 5 min from wallet start to sync nodes.
  4. Right mouse click > Migrate, node to migrate auto selected, simply click Start.

  • Use Filter to find a node from reciaved email if you have several nodes.
  • You have several nodes and node is allready offline, you can find it by Check ALL nodes status and Right click to Migrate.
  • Mobile wallet users: please update from "App store", start App, and find "Burn ico", start a node by clicking on it.
  • Everyone received Funds to migrate for free, please look at "Available funds" after Login to this web system.
  • If you dont have migration email - posible you dont need to migrate, please check Spam or ask Support.

Monday, October 17, 2022

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